Our Projects in Marple Memorial Park

The Friends of Marple Memorial Park have had amazing success with their projects in the park, thanks largely to the great support from local people, other voluntary organisations and the Marple business community. You can read more about these successes here.

Caring for Park Benches

The Friends have maintained all benches in the park since 2011

Bench MaintenanceIt had been apparent for many years that benches in the park were deteriorating and some were in need of more than the normal routine maintenance that they sometimes received from the council. So in the spring of 2011 the Friends of Marple Memorial Park conducted a survey of benches in the park to identify the extent of the problem and to develop an action plan for dealing with the outcome.

The survey revealed that many of the benches had been donated by families and friends in memory of a loved one, which is something that we felt was important not to lose. We therefore developed a policy of repair and refurbishment only for any existing commemorative benches but with the possibility of adoption and replacement of non-commemorative benches. We decided to encourage adoption wherever possible in preference to new commemorative benches being installed in the park.

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Skatepark Improvements (Phase I)

Marple Skate Park Development Project

Marple Skatepark Development Project

In 2011 Friends of the Park began a project to upgrade and extend the existing skatepark facilities in the park. We joined forces with Stockport Council and local skater Lewis Abbott, who campaigned to get the existing facility built back in 2000 and is still a skater today. We also gained the support of Marple Civic Society, Marple Vision Partnership and Marple Hall School.

We consulted extensively with users and the local community and held a design competition tender. In April 2015 we gained planning permission to build a new £100k facility designed by Canvas Spaces Ltd. We started fund-raising in November 2012 and with huge community support from local groups and individual had raised over £50k of funding by the end of 2016.

Thanks to another £50k via our £ for £ match-funding agreement with the council we were able to complete construction in 2017.

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Saving the Flowerbeds

Possibly FoMMP's most important achievement!

Flowerbeds in Marple Memorial Park

In 2011, when we learned that the Council planned to save money by grassing over the flowerbeds in our park, we campaigned to stop this and adopted them ourselves. We raised funds to re-plant them with perennial plants, also receiving many plants donated by the public, and did all the work with volunteers. We also persuaded the local Allotment Association to adopt a couple of the beds and they now grow fruit and vegetables in the park for the public to help themselves.

We understand that we were the only group in Stockport that managed to stop our flowerbeds being grassed over. We have since also taken over the management and maintenance of the War Memorial beds, all other flowerbeds in the park and most of the shrub beds too. We are always getting compliments about how good the park looks and often receive donations from the public to help us keep on top of things.

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Park Entrance Improvements

A welcome to Marple Memorial Park

Carver and Barlow display panel

The main road entrance to the park from Stockport Road had significant infrastructure improvements carried out by the council in 2003/4 but by 2010, although the hard landscaping was generally still in good shape, some aspects of the entrance were starting to look a little bit tired, dilapidated and overgrown - especially the pedestrian entrance to the park itself.

Friends of Marple Memorial Park decided that it was time to do whatever we could to tidy things up and make the park entrance a bit smarter and more welcoming to visitors.

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French Boules Court

A French Boules Court for Memorial Park

Marple Business ForumAt the 2007 Food Festival the Friends of Marple Memorial Park were approached by a lady called Gladys Romm, whose husband Leonard had always wanted to build a French Boules Court in the park after enjoying the game in France. Sadly Leonard passed away before realising his ambition but the Friends thought it was a great idea and agreed to take the project on.

Money was raised with a special showing of the Railway Children film at Marple's Regent Cinema, at local events and an O2 "It's your Community" grant of £1,000. Later seating and interpretation was installed too with the help and support of Marple Civic Society, Marple Business Forum and a private donation by Mr. J. Louth in memory of his late wife, Kathleen.

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