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Myers Tree Care has been one of the group's most practical supporters for many years. Owner David Myers donated a commemorative Yew tree to the park way back in 2005 and the company has been our go-to service for anything to do with trees ever since. David was instrumental in putting us in touch with Andrew Frost, the tree sculptor who created Midnight the Owl for us, and also the nature sculpture behind the library, which Myers Tree Care installed for us free of charge. When we needed to remove large tree limbs from the park after they became rotten Myers Tree Care came to our aid, and also when we needed the remains of Midnight to be removed following decay and vandalism. When we needed a tree removing to allow a CCTV camera to be installed to combat vandalism around the Bowling Green, Myers did it free of charge and we hope to work closely with them to create a replacement for Midnight too. So look no further than Myers Tree Care for tree services in Marple!

Myers Tree Care

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