Bespoke sponsors of Friends of Marple Memorial Park

Bespoke Sponsors are businesses who have come up with a unique way of supporting Friends of the Park that suits their special skills or circumstances. This doesn't have to cost a great deal of money but can involve commitment of time, resources, specialist skills and enthusiasm in varying measures. Thank you very much to our "Bespoke Sponsors"!

Dobbies Garden Centre, Marple

Winners of Dobbies "Help Your Community Grow" 2021

Back in early 2021, unbeknown to us, Friends of Marple Memorial Park were nominated by a local resident in the 2021 Dobbies Garden Centre "Help Your Community Grow" scheme. A number of other groups and organisations in the area received nominations too and there was a customer vote to decide which group each store would support in their area.

Friends of the Park were pleased to learn that we had received the highest number of votes in our area from Dobbies Marple customers and even more delighted to discover this meant an award of £500 worth of support from the Marple branch. There were some delays due to the pandemic and personal issues but we finally picked up our award in June 2022.

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Tree Surgeon Myers Tree Care

The most community-minded tree surgeon in Marple and beyond!

Myers Tree Care has been one of the group's most practical supporters for many years. Owner David Myers donated a commemorative Yew tree to the park way back in 2005 and the company has been our go-to service for anything to do with trees ever since. David was instrumental in putting us in touch with Andrew Frost, the tree sculptor who created Midnight the Owl for us, and also the nature sculpture behind the library, which Myers Tree Care installed for us free of charge...

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Benjis Pet Food and Accessories

Benji's Pet Food and Accessories on Market StreetBenji's Pet Food and Accessories on Market Street

A huge thank you to Sonia Whittaker at Benji's Pet Food and Accessories for a surprise donation of £90 via our Local Giving page.

Sonia has been collecting customers' loose change plus receipts from the sale of carrier bags for Friends of Marple Memorial Park since early in the first lockdown. We've popped in to say thank you and will soon be furnishing Sonia with one of our collection boxes to help her continue supporting Friends of the Park.

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Your Local Shop

Your Local Shop on Church LaneYour Local Shop on Church Lane

A very big thank you to Kash Malik at Your Local Shop on Church Lane Marple for taking a Friends of Marple Memorial Park collection box in November 2020. The most recent box was swapped out in early March 2022 and provided £27.88 in donations for the park from shop customers.

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Go Local - Marple News

Go Local - Marple News

Community Convenience Store on Stockport Road

Go Local - Marple News run by Dharmesh and Nidhi Patel had a major refurbishment during the summer of 2020 and they held a Grand Opening Day on Saturday 18 July to relaunch the new shop. Dharmesh and Nedhi have been regular supporters of our Annual Family Treasure Hunt and it was thanks to this that they chose Friends of the Park to be the beneficiary of their raffle.

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