Friends of the Park need help to move 4 large logs please!

Update: help provided by Shelby Landscapes Ltd, thank you!

In response to the damage done to the silver birch tree near Lock 11 by a park neighbour last year, Friends of the Park would like to bring four large oak logs to the park. These will be sited in the centre of the park as informal seating that can be used by young people without interference from our neighbour who thinks they are above the law.

The council's contractor TLC were going to transport the logs for us but their tractor has been broken for months and time is slipping away to get them moved for the summer holidays.

Do you own a local business with the means to help?

The logs are currently located in TLC's Brabyns Park Depot and will need picking up safely, transporting to Memorial Park and then placing in the centre of the park so we can secure them.

So it's not a lengthy trip but of course lifting and dropping them off safely is paramount.

We may be able to afford a reasonable fee to do this but it would be fantastic if someone could help us free of charge in return from some great publicity!

Below is a photo of the logs at the depot. Please get in touch with our Chairman Mark Whittaker if you think you can help.