Ocean See-Saw installed in Infants Play Area

Friends of the Park: working hard to make our park a better place!

Following the great success of the 2018 Julian Wadden Treasure Hunt, which raised £2,154 towards new equipment in the Infants Play Area, and the award of a £1,000 grant from the Autotrader Community Fund, Friends of the Park are pleased to announce that a new Ocean See-Saw was installed next to the Infant Play Area swings in late September 2018.

The total cost of the See-Saw was £5,570 and this funding was made up as follows:

  • £2,154 Julian Wadden Treasure Hunt 2018.
  • £1,702 Commuted Sums for Children's Play.
  • £1,000 Autotrader Community Fund grant.
  • £314 Stockport Council Greenspace.
  • £300 Friends of Marple Memorial Park.
  • £100 The Marple Website.

Ocean See-Saw

Equipment Location

It was initially proposed that the new equipment would replace the old springers but it turned out that the Ocean See-Saw would be a perfect fit in the space next to the new swings installed in 2017, so that's where has been installed and the springers will be kept for a future project that will replace them.