We were hoping to complete painting safety lines on the library steps but the threat of rain put that on hold.

Fortunately we had received a large selection of donated plants via the council, so set our volunteers to planting these. Locations included the shrub bed alongside the path to Station Road, the Bandroom garden and the Reading Circle behind the library. We also trimmed the hedge of the Bandroom and weeded and pruned around the boundary borders.

We also litter-picked and cleaned up the skatepark quarter pipe, where someone appears to have thrown up all down the ramp, and (after reporting it to library staff) cleaned up the remains of a small fire under the library stairs where someone had burned their school text books. Clear indicators that the school holidays have started then.

Although we were not as visible as usual this time, as we only did a small amount of work on the main flowerbeds, enough park visitors found us to donate just over £17 in our bucket.