It seemed like we were heading back towards winter but plenty of volunteers braved the Easter weather.

Today we created a small flowerbed near to the Bowling Green where we plan to grow some climbers up the fencing. We also added some new soil to the Jubilee Bed, although not as much as we'd hoped because it was so wet. Luckily the allotment folk were out in force so we helped them add the rest of the soil to their beds and they dug it in with the muck spread last year.

We worked hard tidying up the Reading Circle behind the library and the Toilet bed too and of course picked lots of litter.

Today we also launched our Little Growers scheme. This is where we invite children to plant seeds, take them home to nurture and grow them and then come back to the park to re-plant them in the summer. Despite the weather this got off to a great start with 16 pots of seeds being taken home. We will be doing this for the next two task days too - 14 and 24 April.

Visitors kindly popped just over £8 in our collection bucket, so thank you to them!