It was great to be back in the park with the sun shining, despite the bitter cold wind early on.

Today we planted another 3 large sacks of free bulbs, this time near to the new landscaping works done by the council at the skatepark. These are too late for this year but when bulbs are free and they are going to be thrown away by a garden centre then we think they're better being planted in our park. Hopefully they'll reward us with some spring colour next year.

We also had a good tidy-up of the War Memorial beds and the circular flowerbed ready for this year's new growth, removed the old chains from the benches that were relocated last year and picked a great deal of litter.

We took advantage of the sunshine to put our collection bucket out for the first time in 2018 and were rewarded with donations of just over £17 from park visitors. We also received a big bag of change from Marple Co-Op, which we haven't counted yet.