Friends of Marple Memorial Park Equal Opportunities Policy

1.0 Introduction

The Friends of Marple Memorial Park affirmed its commitment to equal opportunities by adopting this policy in August 2005.

2.0 General Policy

The Friends of Marple Memorial Park positively welcomes the diversity of tradition, culture and belief within the local communities of Stockport.

It aims to support the provision and promotion of services within Marple Memorial Park to which all residents enjoy entitlement irrespective of race, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, social class or age.

The Friends are determined to ensure all forms of discrimination on these grounds are avoided within Marple Memorial Park and are therefore committed to:

  • Identifying and removing practices in the Park that may result in direct or indirect discrimination.
  • Providing equal access to resources and services within the Park for all local residents.
  • Encouraging all sections of all the community to engage actively in democratic and consultative processes concerning the Park.
  • Supporting the Council in the implementation of their own policies with respect to equal opportunities in employment and service delivery.

This general policy is supported by more detailed statements and guidance in relation to specific equality areas.

3.0 Detailed Statements and Guidance


The Friends recognise the Race Relations Act 1976 and related codes of practice. The Friends recognise the positive aspects of cultural diversity and will ensure that their actions do not discriminate against Park users from minority ethnic communities.


The Friends recognise the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986 legislation and codes of practice, and undertakes to ensure that their actions do discriminate against Park users due to gender.


The Friends recognise the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and related codes of practice and therefore commits itself to the objective of making services, facilities and resources within the Park equally accessible and useful to everyone.

The Friends recognise that disabled people can be disadvantaged by environment, and by social attitudes which reflect principally the needs of non-disabled people.

Sexual Orientation

The Friends are committed to making the Park and its services accessible to everyone, and will work to ensure that its actions are not based on the assumption that everyone is heterosexual.


The Friends will be sensitive to the needs of all age groups and will ensure that their actions to sustain and improve the services within the Park take full account of the rights and needs of all including young people and older residents.

Religious Beliefs

The Friends uphold and respect the rights of individuals and groups within the community that use the Park not to be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs, as long as the expression of those beliefs do not impinge on the legitimate rights of others.

Social Class

The Friends will seek to ensure that residents in all areas of the community enjoy equal access to the Park and its services and will take whatever practicable steps are available to counter disadvantage.

4.0 Conclusion

This policy has been written in order to make the Friends of Marple Memorial Park a more effective community group and promote a positive environment within the Park where local residents, visitors and Council employees can enjoy an atmosphere of greater dignity and respect in their work and daily lives.