A sad task today was to remove part of our Midnight tree sculpture that was becoming unsafe.

We created this wonderful addition to the park in 2007, when the tree from which it is carved was declared unsafe. It was great to bring something positive from the demise of this mature Copper Beech that has lasted more than 10 years but unfortunately as the carving was still rooted in the ground in the long-term its decay was inevitable. We have asked Myers Tree Care to remove the rest of it as soon as they can and we hope to find a way to replace it with something new in the future.

Other tasks included lots of work on the park's flowerbeds, the addition of paving slabs in front of one of the skatepark seats to create a hard-standing and work in the Bandroom garden. We also ventured outside of the park today to begin repainting the Lock 17 gates. This is another local feature that we helped to create in 2007 and is now maintained by our volunteers.

Back in the park, visitors dropped just over £15 into our collection bucket to in appreciation of our efforts.

It was great to see kids playing on our latest addition to the park - the new Ocean See-Saw in the Infants Play Area.

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