Thanks to a huge donation of plants by Marple residents Les and Jean White, who have done this in previous years too, most of our volunteers were engaged with planting and weeding in the Memorial beds and the main flower beds today. We'd like to thank Les and Jean for their wonderful support of our Community Park!

Other tasks included strimming the grass around the new goalposts we installed last year and installing paving slabs in front of another Boules Court bench. The ground in front of these benches has been eroding badly, so the slabs should make a big improvement. No actions shots from this task but a couple of volunteers were caught sitting down on the job!

We planted up the new bed near the Bowling Green too and we're looking forward to the clematis climbing the fence.

We gave away lots of free plastic pots that have been left over but of course many people who took them made donations and almost £20 plus several Euros were kindly added to our bucket by park visitors.