Our volunteers have been really busy in the park this week, culminating in today's task day. We've had a big push on the Bee Friendly Project, which is funded by donation of £200 from Stockport Hydro and £300 from Anchorpoint Stockport.

Tasks have included planting of a Bee Friendly hedge around the War Memorial beds with 100 bare-rooted Hawthorn and a dozen Berberis. This took a great deal of work to extend the border and prepare the soil. We also planted 1,000 Snowdrop bulbs in the flowerbeds ready for next spring. Snowdrops are really import for bees, as they are pretty much the first bee friendly thing to show after a long winter. We also planted several new shrubs that are bee friendly too.

Other tasks this week included preparing 3 steel benches rescued from the teen area during construction of the skatepark. These have been blast-cleaned, primed and under-coated for us free of charge by Marple Blasting Service at Wood Farm and are now being painted and stencilled before return to the park for installation. We also cleaned up a set of surplus goalposts donated by the council ready for installation too. These will be fitted in the field behind the Infants and Junior Play areas in the near future.

Work was also done in the Bandroom garden and the shrub beds near the council offices and a park-wide litter-pick done to round things off. Once again park users showed their support for what we do by popping over £42 in our bucket!